Create Your Own Printable Award Certificates

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Make Your Own Printable Award Certificates - Try Before You Buy


We want you to be sure that KidsCerts is the perfect solution for you. That's why you can try KidsCerts 100% free. So go ahead, get comfortable, try out the certificate maker, and print some awards! We're confident you'll realize it's the fastest, easiest, most-affordable way to create beautiful personalized award certificates.

KidsCerts' certificate maker works right inside your web browser. You don't need to download any software. The certificate maker allows you to personalize any portion of the certificate. Each award outputs as a PDF file that's beautifully print ready - just hit the "Print" button.


Make Your Own Customized Certificates


The main difference between the free version of KidsCerts and the members version is that members have access to many more frames and can upload personalized background graphics, like logos and mascots. Another cool feature subscribers have is that they can print up to 50 awards at once, for times when the different people are recieving the same award (like completion of a course) - which is a HUGE time saver. Aside from those things, the free version is exactly the same, that way you can know exactly how it works before you decide to subscribe.