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Make Your Own Award Certificates
with our unique "Try before you buy" offer...

We want you to be 100% sure that our system works for you. So we made a way for you to try out the two main delivery methods before you make a purchasing decision. We're sure that you will agree that we have built the best, fastest and easiest way to make award certificates which are able to be customized to meet your exact needs. We encourage you to try it out first!

Make Your Own Customized Certificate

We developed a technology called Make-A-Certificate which allows you to use our graphics and your words to produce 100% customizable award certificates. Meaning any portion of each certificate can be altered in multiple ways so that it exactly meets your individual needs. Make-A-Certificate, in layman's terms, takes the information you provide, inserts it into our patented certificate engine and dynamically creates your award in the blink of an eye!

We can guarantee that you'll not see anything like offered by anyone else. We spent months and months developing the technology from the ground up.

To try it out yourself, go to our public Make-A-Certificate section. Fill in each of the text fields. Choose a certificate frame. Set the fonts you want to use. Then click the Create button and Print your custom certificate.

Realize that this is a public preview so that you can see how things work. The version that subscibers use do not include the "Sample" graphic, replacing that instead with the ability to use many different watermarks to enhance your certificates. Of course you will also have many, many more header and frame graphics to use as well.

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